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Mission Statement / Honor Code

The mission of Cathedral Catholic School is to lead our community to a deeper knowledge of God.  Through rigorous academics in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, we strive to educate the whole person -- body, mind, and soul.  Our purpose is to form true missionaries of the Gospel who realize their full potential as individuals of the highest moral character.
In fulfilling this mission, we seek to provide:
A joyful Catholic School culture where students increase their knowledge and strengthen their faith through the study of Catholic teaching, participation in retreats, liturgies, and Sacramental preparation. We strive to nurture each student’s unique, God-given talents - encouraging them to use their gifts for the glory of God and the service of others.  A well-rounded curriculum that provides God-centered academic, religious, extra-curricular,athletic, and community service opportunities. We seek to form leaders who are spiritually centered and alert, academically inquisitive and servant-minded.  High academic standards that motivate students to do their very best. We promote and encourage the high degree of self-discipline that excellence requires, striving to instill the knowledge and skills necessary for success at Cathedral Catholic School and beyond.  A dedicated and supportive administration, faculty and staff who minister to the diverse needs of each student. We endeavor to provide the highest level of academic, spiritual and personal support in an environment that enables all students to excel according to their own gifts and abilities.  A Student Oath and Honor Code that requires commitment by all to the highest moral standards. Grounded in the theological virtue of charity, we commit to modeling and developing in each student strong moral character, personal responsibility and morally-centered leadership skills that are essential in a Catholic learning community.
Student Oath: 
"As a student of Cathedral Cathedral School, I strive to live Catholic values and achieve academic excellence in a disciplined environment.  Disciplina ad Deum Ducit -- Discipline leads to God."

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