Cathedral Graduation Requirements

English                   4             ( I, II, II IV)
Math                       4             Must include one Algebra and one Geometry
Science                  4             Must include Biology
Social Studies       4             1/2 Mississippi Studies
                                                 1/2 Geography
                                                 1 World History
                                                 1 U.S. History
                                                 1/2 U.S. Government
                                                 1/2 Economics
Business &
Technology            1              Technology Foundations
The Arts                  1
Health                    1/2
Education              1/2           
Language               1                2 credits required for those going to college   
Religion                                    1 credit required for each year of attendance  
A student graduating from Cathedral must have 24 unit credits. The minimal progression rate toward classification will be as follows:
Sophomore Classification        5 1/2 unit credits
Junior Classification                  11 unit credits
Senior Classification                  17  unit credits       
Under no circumstances can a student skip a classification level regardless of the number of credits.
Due to the consecutive nature of the course, a student can take only one English course during the school year. It is strongly recommended that a student failing English attend the Summer School Mastery Program following the failing year. A student must successfully complete the prerequisite course before scheduling the next course in this subject.