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Second Grade Curriculum Guide (partial listings)


Religion:  The students will learn the following:  to prepare and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.  They will cover the Creed; the Holy Trinity; Mary, the Mother of God; and the Church, as the People of God on that journey. 

Math:  The students will learn to accomplish the following:  count, compare, read, write and order whole numbers; identify the place value of digits – ones, tens, hundreds and thousands; add and subtract one-digit numbers; add and subtract with re-grouping two-digit and three-digit numbers; tell time to the hour, half hour, five-minute and one-minute intervals using both standard and digital clocks; identify and count pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters, half-dollars and dollars; add and subtract all of these money amounts; and read and apply the correct math concepts to problem solving.

Reading:  The students will learn to develop vocabulary, read independently, use decoding skills when reading, use context clues, retell a story recalling details and sequences, distinguish between fantasy and reality, draw conclusions, and utilize alphabetical order. 

Writing:  The students will learn to write for a wide variety of purposes such as letters and paragraphs, use capitalization, use-ending punctuation, write complete, coherent sentences, write legibly and begin cursive writing.

Spelling:  The students will learn to apply spelling generalizations and spelling strategies and to spell correctly in daily writing.

Social Studies:  The students will learn communities – past and present, consumerism (buying and selling of goods and services), transportation, communication and citizenship (laws and rules), and community service.

Science:  The students will learn general areas of study including the solar system, animals – vertebrates and invertebrates, balancing and weights, and soils. 

Computer Technology:  Students will go to the computer lab (computers are also in the classrooms) on a weekly basis to experience basic keyboarding skills, basic functions, and using educational software that supports classroom instruction.

P.E.:  Students receive 30-minutes of physical education two times per week in which the focus is on gross and fine motor skills, learning new games, participation and respect for others.

Music:  Students receive 30-minutes of music once a week.  They continue to focus on singing, adding in movement and background about the songs.

Art:  The elements and principles of art are integrated into the classroom curriculum through 30 minutes of instruction each week with our school’s art teacher.  The students will learn skills involved in watercolors and tempera paints, contour drawing, collage, paper mache, paper and Play-Doh sculpture, marbling, and the proper use and care of materials.

Health:  The students will study dental health, nutrition, the human body, and drug abuse prevention.