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3rd Grade

Third Grade Curriculum Guide  (partial listing)

Religion: The student  will learn to plan and participate in school liturgies,  research information on saints for reports, write prayers, memorize Bible verses, learn about family life, stewardship and community.
Reading: The student will learn decoding, word attack skills and vocabulary development to build fluency.  They will skills involving cause and effect , comparing and contrasting , context clues, attention to details, drawing conclusions, differentiating between fact and opinion, finding the main idea, making inferences and predictions, predicting outcomes, and differentiating between reality and fantasy.  Third graders will participate in the Accelerated Reader program and the Star Reading Assessment program

Language Arts:

Grammar: The student will learn applications of subject and predicate, sentence types, common, proper, singular, plural, and possessive nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and contractions.   
 Writing: The students will learn narrative, explanatory, and expository forms of writing along with learning about the various traits of writing such as contest, sentence fluency, voice, organization, and word choice.        
 Spelling: The student will have weekly spelling word lists interrelated with the current reading series.  
Math: The student will learn addition and subtraction facts, place value and number sense, addition with money, time, data, graphs, multiplication facts, division facts, multiply and divide by 1 digit numbers, measurement, geometry, fractions, decimals, and problem solving strategies
Science: The student will learn about matter, electricity, and magnets, the  circulatory, skeletal, and digestive systems of the human body, nutrition and health.  They will study endangered species and ecosystems.
Social Studies: The student will learn about oceans, continents, land forms, maps, graphs, globe skills, natural resources, adaptations and ecology.
P.E.:  The students receive 30 minutes of P.E. two times a week in which the focus is on gross and fine motor skills, learning new games, participation and respect for others.
Art:  The elements and principles of art will be integrated into the classroom curriculum through 30 minutes of art instruction each week with our school’s art teacher.   The student will learn contour drawing, collage, watercolor, color theory, chalk drawing and the proper use and care of art materials
Music: The student will participate in music classes for 30 minutes once a week. Singing is the primary focus, and learning about other cultures through their songs. More emphasis on musical terminology.
Computer Technology:  The student will use word processing to create, edit, and publish.  The student will learn to use technology to aid in research and to create multimedia presentations