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5th Grade

Fifth Grade Curriculum Guide (partial listing)

Religion: The student will learn about the Nicene and Apostles Creeds,  the seven sacraments, the liturgical year, parts of the liturgy, and respect for all of God’s creations
Reading: The student will learn to read fluently using decoding skills, vocabulary development, and context clues, use strategies for comprehension such as: identify purpose for reading, follow directions, infer main idea, develop a summary, determine cause/effect, character development, and interpret diagrams/charts in text, read and respond to various literary genres (fiction, nonfiction, biography, poetry, etc.) for enrichment, recreation and lifelong learning and locate information using traditional and electronic text.
Writing: The student will learn to use the writing process: pre-writing, compose, evaluate, revise, edit, and publish, apply correct capitalization and punctuation, and write coherent paragraphs using complete sentences.
Spelling: The student will learn to spell a list of words selected by the teacher which focuses on a new spelling pattern each week.
Math: The student will learn to understand place value using decimals,  divide whole numbers by a two digit divisor, with or without a remainder, add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers, understand basic geometry skills, develop and interpret graphs, charts, and tables from data, and apply problem solving strategies to word problems and other applications.
Science: The student will use the scientific method to solve problems and explore food chemistry, ecosystems, and motion & design using inquiry based activities.
Social Studies: The student will learn to develop directional skills and mapping, understand the reasons for studying history and an awareness of how we learn from the past, and to become familiar with the early explorers of North America and their impact on the development of the United States.
Computer Technology: The student will learn proper keyboarding techniques, word processing, and give presentations to classmates using Power Point.